3000 watts of lighting, 300 conversations, 150 business leads, 50 meters of  cabling, 14 cubic meters of helium, 5 Eyetease Media staff, 4 wheels, 2 days, 1 iTaxitop! The Screen Media Expo was a great success for not just Eyetease Media, but also a great success for events organisers Screen Events. Mark Pigou and his team did it again, attracting the world’s most exciting digital screen media products to exhibit at the event. With around 3,500 visitors, the event was well subscribed – attracting some of the biggest and most influential players in the out-of-home market to the show.

Eyetease Media was well positioned at stand F39, in between the 2 main lecture theatres. A simple (yet effective) stand showcasing the iTaxitop at centre stage on top of our prized Mini Cooper. And for those who were not yet well-versed in Eyetease Media or digital taxi media when they entered Earl’s Court, we hoisted up a 14m3 helium balloon with our name on it 40 ft above our stand to ensure they were well-informed when they left!

Throughout the show, Eyetease Media were approached by a broad spectrum of visitors – from media network owners, investors and journalists, to content providers, manufacturers and software providers. The event was certainly not UK centric with the majority of enquiries coming from mainland Europe, USA, Middle East and South East Asia. Richard Corbett, Eyetease Media’s CEO, said “we were impressed by the quality of enquiries at our stand and in particular at the market readiness for digital taxi media”. Stefanie Aspiazu, Eyetease Media’s Business Manager, admitted that “there was a growing interest in the marketplace for more flexible and targeted advertising mediums…the iTaxitop’s location based advertising capabilities were of particular interest to visitors at our stand”.

Eyetease Media was also accompanied by other mobile media propositions – including Verifone Media and DigiAdvans. Verifone Media, a formidable global player in the taxi media space, showcased their latest entry to the UK DOOH market with their VNET in-cab taxi screens (including payment terminal). A very impressive and complementary system to Eyetease Media, the in-cab screen is positioned behind the driver’s headrest, providing narrow-casting capabilities to travellers in the back – playing up-to-the-minute news, information and entertainment. The team at Eyetease Media thoroughly enjoyed talking with Jawad Siddiqui and his team who are set to take the City of London by storm! Our good friend Scott Anthony and the DigiAdvans team also put on yet another impressive show at the Expo with their dual stand – one side for the Van and the other side for sitting back, relaxing and basking in the warmth of it’s grand screen. Like Eyetease Media, both Verifone and DigiAdvans, received a great volume of visitors to their stand at the Expo, showing a growing market interest to see mobile digital media become more prominent in major cities.

The Screen Media Expo was well-covered by the press and certainly Eyetease Media was not one to be shy when approached!

After a year and half of development, the Screen Media Expo provided a fantastic platform for Eyetease Media to introduce its digital taxi top proposition to the world.

To read more about us in the press following the event, we’ve selected a few of the best bits for you below. Enjoy!


Online Articles:


“At #ScreenMediaExpo you could see two mobile digital signage solutions; the iTaxitop from Eye Tease Media and VeriFone’s black cab with a personal screen inside the taxi…both applications were interesting but very different. One is exclusively for the person that takes the taxi, the other one is  for the people that see the taxi from the street or from other cars. We like them both and would like to see how they do in ‘The Big Smoke’.”



“How good is this?  No need to be advertising Gentlemen’s Clubs when driving through Orthodox neighborhoods, or advertising insurance or legal services when driving through heavy tourist areas. A digital taxi advertising system that rotates ads based on the Taxi’s location with a GPRS / 3G content management system give advertisers the benefit of targeting the many micro-markets one finds in major cities.

Taxi pickups at the airports could be advertising hotels or attractions, taxis running down Fifth Ave in NYC could be advertising the luxury brands instead of Flash Dancers. This product just makes sense and brings much more value to the table for advertising seller, advertisers and consumer alike.”

Global Best Awards


“Look at this a high impact mobile digital advertising solution from eyetease MEDIA called iTaxitop. An advanced broadcasting solution aimed at large taxi fleets in major cities.”



“[Eyetease Media] has been adding its wares to numerous urban fleets. External displays have the benefit of reaching wider audiences as they are visible to all rather than only to customers using a specific vehicle…taxi tops afford businesses with a larger surface area on which to deliver their messaging, as well as making advertisers’ money work a little harder – after all, every time a driver puts their foot on the accelerator of a branded vehicle, content is delivered to a new audience.”

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