Crack open the Prosecco because today marks another BIG milestone for Eyetease as we celebrate our 7th birthday! At this point in time, we have to say goodbye to being a “start-up” (we’re far too old for that now!) and hello to being a “scale up”!

The first prototype of the iTaxitop in 2010

When Founder Richard Corbett (aged 24 at the time) started the company with a laptop in his hallway in Shoreditch, London, little did he know it would be here 7 years later – changing big cities across the globe!

Our Second Prototype!

Since inception, Corbett’s ethos was to build a sustainable business around technology that was able to make cities more intelligent and connected. The company has grown organically to a multimillion turnover business with no external funding or investors. How did he do this? He focused on solving a problem that others couldn’t solve. With entrepreneurs focussing on the infinite scalability of software, the market was congested and showed little sign of slowing down. But Corbett turned his attention to hardware solutions –  a market often ignored by entrepreneurs. With limited or no innovation in the taxi market, Corbett set his sights on developing a solution that would put taxi media “back on top” (quite literally!).

The mass production EMEA version of the iTaxitop

Today, Corbett’s innovation can be seen in cities across the world and its all down to a eureka moment walking the streets of New York in 2009. Of course, competitors do from time to time pop their heads in, but as any market maker will know, if theres money to be made, others will follow. But across all Eyetease’s product portfolio, nobody comes close to the power of the Eyetease technology. With Eyetease technology travelling millions of miles every week, over the past 5 years, Eyetease has experienced zero hardware failures.

Eyetease alongside Google 'LIVE' on Bloomberg

Why is Eyetease tech so good? Well, its down to the company’s focus on understanding the problem being solved, understanding the environment it is in and forces acting against it, and developing new solutions to overcome these technical challenges. Quality, performance and attention to detail is at the core of everything Eyetease does. The customer always comes first and although we’re a small team – we’re a tenacious and hard working bunch! We’re a team of thinkers, creators, innovators, market makers and we LOVE every minute of it! We don’t stop until the job is done and that’s why Eyetease are today the market leaders in digital screen technology and Wi-Fi for the transit market.

Eyetease HQ in London

Heres a short run down of our top 7 achievements of the past 7 years:

  1. Launched two world first technologies
  2. Changed laws and regulations to allow technology to be used in the City of London and forever changed the shape of the iconic London taxi
  3. Gained approvals for technology in over 50 countries – technology deployed across USA, Europe and the Middle East
  4. Obtained over 20 patents and design rights on our tech
  5. Won awards with HP for ‘Innovation’ and ‘Breakthrough Exporter’, Santander Bank for ‘High Growth’, O2 for ‘Best Technology’ and Lloyds Bank for ‘Manufacturing’. In addition to being featured across the globe on TV (including Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC and CNN) and the press (including Wallstreet journal, The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Huffington post, TechCrunch).
  6. Set up a world class R&D facility in central London to accelerate new product development
  7. Built a shared office space and mentorship program for entrepreneurs to accelerate and grow their businesses in the hardware space

We hope to innovate and challenge new markets for many years to come and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our families, friends, customers and suppliers for sticking by our side over the past 7 years. Without you, we wouldn’t be here, so thank you!


Team Eyetease