On the 24th November 2011, Eyetease Media’s iTaxitop was shortlisted for the EMEA inAVation awards 2012 under the category ‘Most inAVative Digital Signage Product’.

Eyetease and other finalists will now be entered into an online voting poll, which goes live today, where the industry and general public can vote for their favourite digital signage proposition. Voting will close on Sunday 15th of January, and the winners announced on Wednesday 1st February at ISE 2012 in Amsterdam. Each finalist has been invited to write a short description of why they think they are ‘innovative’, or should we say ‘inAVative’,  in the true sense of the term – click here to view Eyetease’s profile.

Like any proud parent, Eyetease of course believe their baby (‘the iTaxitop’) is number 1. To help you form your own opinion on the iTaxitop, the Eyetease team have pulled together a TOP 5 list of reasons why the iTaxitop should win:

  1. Introducing and championing a highly disruptive advertising medium to an established UK OOH market.
  2. Adding value to an under-utilised and potentially high impact medium, the taxi, which spends over 95% of its time in city centres.
  3. Integrating the latest high brightness screen technology, 3G and GPS into a vehicle based / broadcast environment to deliver high impact, relevant and targeted campaigns.
  4. A robust and fit-for-purpose mobile digital broadcast solution for mass inner-city transit, which introduces new and fresh thinking to previous technical obstacles associated with vehicle based solutions, such as weight, power consumption, thermal management, vibration, moisture ingress, security and vandalism, road safety and legislation.
  5. The iTaxitop plays adverts with time specific and geographic accuracy. Schedule adverts remotely from your computer and deploy using 3G connectivity.

And as the great Steve Jobs used to say, theres just “one more thing”…free in-cab wifi for the public travelling in the Taxi, providing a new high impact narrow-casting opportunity for brands – which will talk to their own digital screens (i.e. mobile phones, laptops and iPads).

For more information or to cast your vote, please click VOTE HERE. You will find Eyetease in group 5. Thank you!