As another year draws to an end, we look back at 2011 and reflect on what has been a great year filled with lots of cheeky ‘eyeteasing’ with a little help from the iTaxitop™.

In January, Eyetease Media kicked off the year by being featured in two articles in the DailyDOOH. The first article titled “Dude What Have You Done With My Mini Cooper” introduced the iTaxitop to international DOOH. The second article, “Are We Gonna See this At ScreenMedia Expo?” brought to light Eyetease Media’s meeting with ScreenMedia’s Mark Pigou and speculated whether the iTaxitop™ would be on display at the upcoming Screen Media Expo 2011 at Earls Court. As we all know, Eyetease Media was most definitely at the Expo, which helped establish the company as the world’s number one manufacturer of digital rooftop advertising solutions for taxis. To read a full report on the expo from Eyetease Media, click here!


2011 also saw the invitation by Ogilvy to become a partner in their Digital Labs – a relationship that will see the iTaxitop showcased in the far corners of the globe in 2012!

The iTaxitop was fortunate to enjoy a great deal of interest, both in the UK and abroad. Throughout 2011, the iTaxitop was tweeted, blogged, videod, photographed and featured in over 50 websites and newspapers, including: the Evening Standard, Yahoo News, Yahoo OMG, MSN News, Le Parisien, Global Best Awards, Output Magazine, Output Magazine (Video), The Hindustan Times, The Brunei Times, Connessioni Magazine, Relay, Hailo, The New Age,  to name but a few! The iTaxitop captured the imagination of the general public with its ability to not just target digital ads by time and location, but also to provide free wifi hotspots in-cab!

Throughout the month of November, Eyetease Media had the pleasure of working with AKA and the team at Billy Elliot to trial the iTaxitop. The trial provided both Eyetease Media and AKA with the opportunity to test the iTaxitop and gauge impact of this new advertising medium. Simon Delany, Client Services Director at AKA mentions: “As the leading marketing agency for live entertainment, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to promote our clients and shows to the largest possible audience. A large part of this challenge is finding new platforms and media to provide the maximum impact for our clients, and the iTaxitop is one such fantastic opportunity. We’re delighted that Billy Elliot was able to be there first with this new initiative, and we will continue to consider the iTaxitop as a part of our outdoor campaigns throughout the year ahead.” A spokesperson from Eyetease Media mentions, “we are writing the rule book with the iTaxitop as we launch a new and disruptive advertising medium to the UK market…this form of digital broadcast medium has not been done before with taxis in the UK and working with prestigious brands, such as Billy Elliot and the team at AKA, will help us move one step closer to defining a robust and compelling proposition, for brands and agencies to enjoy for many years to come.”

And last but not least, on the 24th November 2011, Eyetease Media’s iTaxitop was shortlisted for the EMEA inAVation awards 2012 under the category ‘Most inAVative Digital Signage Product’. Eyetease and other finalists have now been entered into an online voting poll, where the industry and general public can vote for their favourite digital signage proposition. Voting will close on Sunday 15th of January 2012, and the winners announced on Wednesday 1st February at ISE 2012 in Amsterdam. For those who have yet to vote or are still undecided, the Eyetease team have pulled together a TOP 5 list of reasons why we think the iTaxitop should win:

  1. Introducing and championing a highly disruptive advertising medium to an established UK OOH market.
  2. Adding value to an under-utilised and potentially high impact medium, the taxi, which spends over 95% of its time in city centres.
  3. Integrating the latest high brightness screen technology, 3G and GPS into a vehicle based / broadcast environment to deliver high impact, relevant and targeted campaigns.
  4. A robust and fit-for-purpose mobile digital broadcast solution for mass inner-city transit, which introduces new and fresh thinking to previous technical obstacles associated with vehicle based solutions, such as weight, power consumption, thermal management, vibration, moisture ingress, security and vandalism, road safety and legislation.
  5. The iTaxitop plays adverts with time specific and geographic accuracy. Schedule adverts remotely from your computer and deploy using 3G connectivity.

And as the great Steve Jobs used to say, theres just “one more thing”…free in-cab wifi for the public travelling in the Taxi, providing a new high impact narrow-casting opportunity for brands – which will talk to their own digital screens (i.e. mobile phones, laptops, iPads, Kindles, etc…). For more information or to cast your vote, please click VOTE HERE. You will find Eyetease in group 5!

Today, the iTaxitop is fully tested and certified to UK and International safety and technical standards for a vehicle based application. Throughout the year, Eyetease Media has championed a new advertising medium for the UK OOH market. The company has pushed for change in UK regulations to enable rooftop advertising to be approved in the City of London. Introducing digital technology to an outdoor / vehicle based environment has been a momentous task, which many companies have tried and failed in the past. The iTaxitop introduces new and fresh thinking to previous problems, with its market leading vibration mounting, thermal management and power management system to ensure the product has a minimum 5 year lifespan. Developing a new and disruptive advertising medium in a harsh vehicle based environment has not been without its challenges. The company has had to overcome significant technical obstacles and limitations including weight, height, power consumption, thermal management and heat dissipation, vibration, moisture ingress, security and vandalism, road safety and legislation, to produce the world’s most advanced mass city transit broadcasting medium.

Eyetease Media are proud supporters of several charities, including, ‘Help For Heroes’ and ‘The London Taxidriver Federation for Underprivileged Children’ (LTFUC). Watch out for us supporting the LTFUC at the upcoming ‘Madhatter Tea Party’ event at Grosvenor House, Mayfair, on 16th January 2012. To make a very worthwhile donation, please click on the following links [DONATE LTFUC] and [DONATE HFH].

As we look at the year ahead, we look forward to working with the TFL and LTI to complete final trials of the iTaxitop in London ahead of the Olympic Games in July / August 2012. Further afield, watch out for further updates on as we launch the iTaxitop across major cities in Europe and North America.

Thank you again to everyone who made this year a great year. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Eyetease Media. See you soon and keep eyeteasing!

Richard Corbett,
CEO Eyetease Limited