Since the early 19th Century, Valentines Day has held a special place in the hearts and minds of lovers across the globe. In the 21st Century, we define this enamored day with a more open mind and apply the values of ‘love’ to all sorts of things – including the London tech scene!

TechCity has become a hub for startup talent from across the globe and its about time we showed some love to those working hard and building successful business right now! With soaring outdoor media costs, it can be difficult for most startups to advertise and be heard in such a competitive marketplace dominated by blue chip companies.

Left: Founder of Eyetease (Richard Corbett). Right: Founder of TechHub (Elizabeth Varley)

In partnership with TechHub (@TechHub) London, Eyetease offered up its digital advertising services to tech startups based at the Google Campus. TechHub is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. They nurture an international network of like-minded and focused tech entrepreneurs, providing places where they can work, meet, collaborate, network, learn and have fun. By getting the right people together in a physical space, they say “good things happen” – and they’re not wrong!

TechHub Team Meeting!

In the weeks leading up to Valentines Day, TechHub advertised to its members the opportunity to broadcast their brand for free in the Big City using the iTaxitop. The brief was simple – ‘share your startup love to the City of London’. The final selection was based on creative flare and quality of startup ‘love making’.

Team TechHub fly the flag!

Starting from Valentines Day, the chosen ads were played using the iTaxitop’s high definition screens and broadcast across the City during busy commuter times. Within the first week, several startups noted an increase in hits to their website and app downloads during the first few days alone!

You’ll be pleased to hear that following the success of the campaign, TechHub and Eyetease have committed to continue broadcasting startup ads in the City for a full month! A big thank you to all the brands who sent us their ads – including: importio, FrameBlast, PrrrfectFit, Zealous and CurrencyTransfer.

Another special thank you to Steven Allen, Co-Founder of FrameBlast, who used his App to create a short movie on the iTaxitop on Valentines Day! To view, right click here and open in a new window.

If you’re a tech company and interested in finding out more about TechHub, please go to or check them out on twitter!


Notes to Editor:

Eyetease Limited

Eyetease is a multi-award winning media and technology company specialising in disruptive digital media propositions for taxis. Ranked in the top 20 tech start-ups in the UK, the company has developed Europe’s first digital taxitop proposition (‘iTaxitop‘) and the world’s first ads-for-access high speed in-cab wifi system for taxis (‘CabWifi‘).


iTaxitop’ is a new high impact digital outdoor media solution, enabling location and time specific media campaigns to be broadcast from the roof of taxis. Launched in August 2010, the iTaxitop is Europe’s first digital taxitop proposition. The iTaxitop is certified and approved for installation on any vehicle in over 50 countries.

‘CabWifi’ is the world’s first high speed wifi solution for taxis that uses an ads-for-access model to deliver a free service to passengers. Following over one year of qualification testing with the Transport for London, CabWifi is the first wifi service to be approved for roll-out in the iconic London Black Taxi. With trials commencing in several UK cities, CabWifi is set to become a standard service in taxis in major cities.