Every year the advertising industry (and consumers) across the globe turn their eyes to the USA for the biggest annual sporting event – the Super Bowl! For many Brits, the sport is still a mystery. Some may even pass it off as Rugby with lots and lots of padding (so the players don’t ruin their modelling career / sponsorship deals!). Whatever your thoughts are towards the game, it is hard to deny the sport is very entertaining and produces some of the most talked about advertising campaigns. With each 30 second slot costing in excess of $3.5m, its amongst one of the highest cost per million slots in the world. As such, brands are under immense pressure to deliver successful adverts that engages, builds awareness and (more importanly) entertains the consumer!

In honour of this great sport and great evening of entertainment, we’ve selected a few adverts which caught our eye over here at Eyetease HQ.

Dannon – When Harry met Sally’s fist (Eyetease Rating: 4 / 10)

Dannon uses a helping of humour and domestic violence to portray the love for their new yoghurt enjoyed by the American public. With close to 800k hits on YouTube this week, the feedback from the public is ‘hard hitting’ to say the least (pardon the pun). Also, further rumours that the backing track (John Butler’s Zebra song) was used without the consent of the artist or management company are starting to build up on the Youtube page. Viewers of this advert will be pleased to know that no models, actors or animals were injured during the making of this video. See what you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=y59VUQxX3Dk (<–right click link and open in new tab).

Fiat – The seductive powers of the new Fiat Abarth (Eyetease Rating: 8/10)

Fiat do an excellent job of introducing a generous helping of sex appeal to the new Fiat 500 Abarth. The advert, appropriately named ‘Seduction’, clearly demonstrates the powerfully flirtatious (yet aggressive) seductive powers of the new Fiat – depicted by a rather charming looking Italian woman. For those young boy racers out there, this advert will make you sit up, pay attention and entice you to want to buy a new Abarth. Mine is already on order! Check out the full advert here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cpi2IAec9Ho (<–right click link and open in new tab).

ACURA – Seinfeld versus Leno (Eyetease Rating: 9/10)

For those Seinfeld fans out there (and basically anyone with a sense of humour), you’ll love this short commercial from Acura which uses lines from previous Seinfeld shows to tell a story of one man (i.e. Jerry Seinfeld) fighting to be the first man to buy the new Acura NSX sports car. The commercial includes the ‘last living Munchkin’, a ‘Soup Nazi’, an Alien, ziplines, speedboats, dirty limericks in front of Gran…oh and Jay Leno in a jet pack flying squirrel suit! All under 1 minute. Very entertaining! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YOL22euixuA (<–right click link and open in new tab).

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