On the 6th December 2012, a TechCity based start-up has received approval by the Transport for London to roll-out their new high speed wifi service in the iconic London black cab. Ranked in the top 100 UK startups, Eyetease Limited (www.eyetease.com) has spent over 2 years championing this new proposition in London, which provides drivers and passengers with free access to high speed wifi whilst on the move.

The free wifi service, named CabWifi™, uses a unique “ads-for-access” model, prompting passengers to watch a short 15 second advert before gaining access to 15 minutes of internet access. Drivers, with a separate login are also able to benefit from the service and off-set the high cost of data charges incurred from using taxi apps, which some drivers claim have doubled their phone bills in recent months.

Founder and CEO, Richard Corbett, mentions “this is really great news for London. With dwell times averaging 15 minutes in the back of a taxi, what better way to pass the time than to use your laptop, tablet, book reader or phone with guilt free internet access. Tourists and business travellers can now access their emails, talk on Skype or surf the web without the fear of being hit with high data roaming charges when they return home!” Corbett also adds “the London taxi drivers are without doubt the best in the world and Eyetease is really proud to launch this new service here in London first”.

Eyetease is already in progressed conversations with several major consumer brands (including a global credit card company and a leading mobile phone manufacturer) to sponsor the roll-out of CabWifi network which is expected to begin in early 2013.

And if you thought that was enough, Eyetease is also in the process of approving another exciting and disruptive technology in London, named the iTaxitop™. An evolution to the New York “taxitop” concept, the iTaxitop is the first digital rooftop advertising solution to be presented to the city of London – enabling ads, news and public information to be updated wirelessly and broadcast across double sided digital screens with geographic and time specific accuracy. Following 3 years of development and over a quarter of million investment, Eyetease is determined to champion this new format in London, which it hopes will be trialed in early 2013, pending Transport for London approval.

Notes to Editors

The company: Eyetease Limited

Founded in January 2010 by Richard Corbett, Eyetease is a media and technology company specialising in disruptive mobile and location based digital outdoor media solutions. With offices located at the Google Campus, inside the ‘Silicon Roundabout’, Eyetease is positioned at the center of the technology revolution.

Eyetease is ranked amongst the top 100 start-ups in the UK (at number 56 – http://www.startups.co.uk/eyetease-media-richard-corbett-startups-100.html) and top 20 new technology companies by Digital Shoreditch. The company has reached the finals in international awards, such as the coveted EMEA Inavation Awards, where it was placed in the top 5 innovative digital signage solutions 2012. Eyetease is also proud to be a Partner with Ogilvy Digital Labs, a division of WPP – the world’s largest advertising company.

Product: CabWifi™

CabWifi is a new free high speed wifi service for passengers travelling in London taxis. Eyetease is the first to roll-out this new service in the iconic London black cab. The system uniquely turns 3G and 4G mobile connectivity into a wifi hotspot for passengers. CabWifi applies an “ads for access” model to the service, popularly used online on sites such as Spotify and Youtube.  The CabWifi system plays passengers a short 15 second advert before enabling 15 minutes of free wifi whilst vehicle is in motion. The unique vehicle based technology intelligently overcomes issues such as connectivity on the move and connectivity in between buildings (known as ‘man-made chasms’).