On 26th March 2017, Maserati and the Sunday Times launched their annual ranking of the top 100 business leaders and entrepreneurs of our time. In an age of disruptors, the Sunday Times have published in collaboration with luxury automotive company Maserati a list of “the great British entrepreneurs who are challenging the established players”.

Alongside Founders of billion dollar business like Zoopla, Deliveroo, Pret a Manger, Eyetease Founder and CEO Richard Corbett was named in this prestigious list for his contributions to the Media and Advertising world. Both the iTaxitop and EyeFi were developed by Corbett from the age of 24 years old. These two world first technologies have created new media channels in mature and established markets. His innovations have required regulations to be changed and decisions to be made as high up as 10 Downing Street and City Hall. He was quoted in the Guardian for saying “its easier to strap a screen on the Queen of England than the London taxi”. His innovations have turned taxi media from an inefficient and costly decaying media format into the most powerful media format in the out of home market – allowing media to be targeted wherever there is a street.

Corbett admits “Disruption can be a long journey. For me it took over 4 years! When you start a business with a new concept which requires changing mindsets and challenging the status quo, you must be prepared for push back at every level. Without passion and perseverance, disruption isn’t possible. But when you get it right, the rewards are there and its great to look back at how much you’ve accomplished!” Corbett goes onto say “its a great honour to be recognised for the works Eyetease have achieved with its two disruptive technologies. Business isn’t glamorous and takes a lot of hard work. So when you’re greeted with a fantastic accolade such as the Maserati 100, its an amazing surprise and great opportunity to step back (drink some champagne) and enjoy the view before jumping back into the trenches for more disruption!”

The award ceremony for the Maserati 100 winners was held at The Sunday Times head office in the Shard on 28th March 2017. During the event, Eyetease founder met with some other hardware entrepreneurs who were disrupting their respective markets, including Laurence Kemball-Cook (Founder of Pavegen – green energy company harnessing power from footsteps) and Emily Brooke (Founder of Blaze – bike lights) – both pictured below:

Richard Corbett (Left), Emily Brooke (Right)

Laurence Kemball-Cook (Left), Richard Corbett (Right)