Eyetease Media’s CEO, Richard Corbett, caught up with Digiadvan’s MD Scott Anthony earlier this week. Discussing current market conditions and strategy going forwards, the pair soon discovered they shared more in common than putting digital screens on vehicles. It was soon apparent that both men shared a common vision for DOOH and a desire for independent digital media network owners to drive forwards as a unit. Richard said “it was a great pleasure to meet with Scott. His unrivalled skill and expertise in mobile digital screen media and close proximity high resolution media is truly inspiring. Not to mention, hes a really top guy!”

Following the meeting, the Digiadvans news page gave the “Thumbs up” to our digital taxitop proposition, where Scott Anthony said “the iTaxitop is a wonderful new product, to see one of these on every taxi in London would be great publicity for the digital outdoor sector as a whole. Richard and his team are a wonderful bunch with the same hard working mentality as we have and I wish them all the best with this new and innovative venture.”

This may be their first meeting ladies and gentlemen, but it certainly wont be their last. Watch this space for some exciting new developments.

iTaxitop gets the thumbs up from DigiAdvans

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