Eyetease Media are proud to announce that our very own CEO, Richard Corbett, will be one of the guest speakers at this years Screen Media Expo 2012, held at Earls Court on the 16th and 17th May. Richard will be speaking on day 2 in theatre 1 at 10am – 10.30am. To register to attend the expo, click here.

Richard Corbett admits “speaking as the authority on digital taxitop media at such a prestigious event is a great honour and presents Eyetease with an opportunity to show the world what we have achieved and where we’re going. I will cover a mix of strategy, digital media, technology and consumer trends within the 30mins…hope everyone enjoys it!”

To find out more about what Richard Corbett will be talking about at this year’s Screen Media expo, click here or  see a sneak preview below:


Media on wheels – Staying relevant and connected with audiences on the move – OVERVIEW

  1. Audiences expect and demand more real time information.
  2. OOH advertising needs to understand its role and focus on its core competency in today’s media landscape.
  3. OOH advertising is a ‘prompt’ for connected audiences to navigate online and offline.
  4. Digital (OOH) makes these prompts real time and more relevant. Greater relevance means more effective campaigns.
  5. Connected audiences have the power to instantaneously engage with this prompt.
  6. Call to action and closing the loop is key to develop your ‘AI’ (Advertising Intelligence).
  7. Leveraging digital screen real estate to facilitate new interactions with connected audiences is the future.
  8. Future proofing is key