On Sunday 15th January, Eyetease Media had the honour of being invited to support The London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children (LTFUC), at their Annual ‘Madhatter Tea Party’ event in Grosvenor House Marriott Hotel, Park Lane.

Several hundred children and teams of support workers made their way to Grosvenor House, Park Lane to attend the highlight in their social calender. With lots of yummy party food, clowns, music, dancing and entertainment from live acts including Diversity and The Cheeky Girls, the event was a great success – enjoyed by all!

Eyetease Media’s CEO added “working with the team at the LTFUC was a very humbling experience. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard, with such dedication, energy and enthusiasm as the members of the LTFUC…these taxi drivers are unsung heroes in my opinion and I would relish the opportunity to work alongside them again for such a worthwhile cause!”

A special shout out goes to Alan Cohen MBE (the project organiser) for finding Eyetease Media online and contacting us! We wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

And of course, we couldn’t go to such a great event without getting involved in some of the festivities….

The LTFUC is completely funded through the donations made by the public and the taxi drivers involved in the charity. Please help the LTFUC keep doing what they’re doing by making a donation through their website: http://www.thelondontaxidriverschildrenscharity.co.uk/?p=Make+a+Donation.

Thank you!