In an effort to become the global leader in digital taxitop advertising, Eyetease acquired the ‘key product term ‘TAXITOP’.com from a US based company.

Eyetease Media CEO, Richard Corbett tells us: “With the iTaxitop now ready for roll-out in international markets, our team are starting to think about new ways to be heard in a fast moving, competitive and noisy market. We have a market leading product and we want to tell the world about it!” He later goes on to admit, “we want to extend the momentum we have created in Europe and target key strategic markets – namely the USA – where the taxitop concept is common place in major cities.”

The Eyetease senior management team plan to visit key potential roll-out partners in the USA later this month, in an effort to launch the iTaxitop in major US cities by next year. Watch this space for new and exciting updates coming soon!