Following over 2 years of development of the iTaxitop™, a new high impact way of advertising on taxis in London, the team at Eyetease Media have developed a standalone wifi proposition. Named, CabWifi™, the in-taxi wifi proposition provides drivers and passengers with free access to wifi internet whilst the taxi is in operation.

Connect to Spotify and listen to music, connect to your Hailo App and pick up new business, browse the internet whilst parked up at a rank…CabWifi is a fast and free connection, to reward drivers and passengers for their time on the road. CabWifi also gives the public another great reason to ride in a London Black Taxi and not any other!

But “whats the catch” I hear you cry! Nothing at all, in fact the service couldn’t be simpler. Eyetease Media are operating an ‘Ads-for-access” model for passengers travelling in the back of the CabWifi enabled taxi. Passengers will be greeted by stickers inside the vehicle, informing them of free access to wifi. Once they select the CabWifi network on their device (mobile phone, laptop, iPad, Kindle etc…) they will be prompted to watch a short advert – lasting anywhere between 15-30seconds. Once finished, the internet is unlocked and they’re ready to surf the web! Note, drivers will be able to access the internet at all times, using a unique and separate login.

Notoriously, wifi access in public hotspot areas have been plagued by lengthy login processes and a request for credit card payment before allowing you to proceed. Eyetease Media believe the future is free…the future is CabWifi. Its time for a new and exciting way to bring internet access to the masses!

CEO, Richard Corbett, admits “this is the first service of its kind in the UK taxi market and we’re trying to break new boundaries with the service! Using a model that works well for successful brands such as Youtube and Spotify, the ads-for-access model gives us the opportunity to fund a high speed free wifi service for taxi drivers and the public. In addition, brands will be presented with a new high impact narrow-cast opportunity to passengers travelling in a London taxi – watch an ad, play an interactive game, download a voucher – the choice is yours!”

As of the date of this article, the taxi trade have voted with their hands and tweets with over 100 new followers in less than 24 hours!

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