iTaxitop 2.0: A Lean, Mean, Advertising Machine


On the 16th and 17th May 2012, Eyetease Media launched the iTaxitop 2.0 at Europe’s largest expo for the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) industry. ScreenMedia Expo 2012 presented the perfect location and audience for this momentous launch and what better way to launch the iTaxitop 2.0 than on two of the world’s most iconic taxis; the LTI TX4 (London taxi) and the Ford Crown Victoria (New York taxi).

The iTaxitop 2.0 is the latest innovation from Eyetease Media and is approved for usage in over 56 countries! Prior to trials commencing in Europe and USA shortly, visitors at the expo were given a sneak peak into the future of inner-city transit media; with full motion video and animated ads playing on-screen.

For those of you who are less au fait with taxi advertising or digital taxitops, the iTaxitop is a highly ruggedised system that enables adverts to be scheduled remotely, deployed via 3G / 4G and played with time specific and geographic accuracy on double sided high brightness screens. The system is designed to work on any vehicle for a period of 5 years under 24 / 7 road usage. With the driver and vehicle’s best interest at heart, the system requires no foreign power supply but uses’s proprietary power management system to draw minimal power from the car battery to power the 2 high brightness screens. Designed to function in -20 to +45 degrees Celcius, the system is suitable for most climates – delivering ads to the masses even in tough ambient conditions. Unlike static digital media networks (such as Roadside or Retail), the technology required to ensure the iTaxitop is fit for purpose takes into account new variables such as weight restriction, limitation on power supply, impact on fuel consumption and (the dreaded) effects of vibration. Being rugged is the iTaxitop’s USP and ensuring the system is fit-for-purpose will ensure brands will continue to advertise on the network time and time again.

Richard Corbett, CEO of Eyetease Limited, says “the iTaxitop will be a game changer in the OOH sector enabling brands to add relevancy and immediacy to their campaigns. It will also give media owners the ability to multiply their revenue potential per taxi by 4 to 5 times above current print or vinyl advertising, whilst reducing production costs and lead times to almost zero. With the ability to play adverts wherever there is a road, the iTaxitop will open up new corridors of communication between brands and consumers.”

Corbett also kicked off Day 2 of the Education programme with a presentation entitled ‘Media on wheels’ where he mentions “for out-of-home and the iTaxitop to succeed, media owners must understand their role in the consumer’s day-to-day journey. We are a prompt to consumers and if done correctly have the power to navigate them through the online and offline world. Consumers are empowered to respond to marketing stimuli using their smart phone or tablet PC. Introducing the right message to the right people at the right place and time with the appropriate call to action is what we should all strive for. If we recognize this and adapt our function to complement this and not fight against it, we will have a successful campaign on our hands.”

For those who missed the expo, here are few photos from the day:

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Notes to Editors

Eyetease Media:

Founded in February 2010, Eyetease Media is a high growth tech start-up based in London. The company has developed Europe’s first digital taxitop and is the first to install this new advertising medium to the iconic London Taxi.

The iTaxitop is a double-sided digital advertising platform that sits on the roof of a taxi. The stretched high brightness LED backlit LCD screens play high definition adverts to the public. Adapting the traditional ‘New York’ style taxitop concept, the iTaxitop is a new mobile digital broadcast solution for mass inner-city transit.

Designed predominately for roll-out across taxis in major cities, the iTaxitop plays time specific and geographically accurate adverts which are scheduled remotely from a computer and then deployed using 3G connectivity. The iTaxitop uses GPS technology to support location specific advertising.

Richard Corbett, CEO of Eyetease Media, added: “Eyetease Media has championed a new advertising medium for the UK Out-Of-Home (OOH) market. The iTaxitop provides advertisers with a highly targeted, flexible and accountable medium to manage campaigns for their clients. Designed to function on all vehicle types, in all weather and ambient light conditions, the iTaxitop provides an eye-catching, reliable and effective advertising medium that will cut through the big city noise and deliver relevant digital advertising messages to the masses.

Eyetease Media reached the finals of the 2012 EMEA InAVation Awards for ‘Most inAVative Digital Signage Product’ ( Eyetease is also a proud ‘Partner’ with Ogilvy Digital Labs in London.

VIDEO: An Introduction to the iTaxitop: (2min30 animation)

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