The iTaxitop™, is the world’s most advanced digital taxitop advertising solution. Designed to function on all vehicle types, in all weather and ambient light conditions, the iTaxitop provides an eye-catching, reliable and effective advertising medium that will cut through the big city noise and bring digital advertising messages to the masses.

An evolution to the traditional US taxitop concept, the iTaxitop integrates the latest high brightness screen technology and 3G / GPS connectivity, with revolutionary vibration management, power management and thermal management systems, to deliver a new and disruptive proposition to the global digital out of home (DOOH) market.

With the ability to schedule adverts remotely by time and location, coupled with market leading reporting tools, the iTaxitop provides advertisers with a highly targeted, flexible and accountable medium to manage campaigns for their clients.

With several trials set to commence on taxis in North America and Europe in 2012, the iTaxitop is well positioned to become a common feature of the urban landscape for many years to come.

The iTaxitop is compliant with EU and UN-ECE member country safety and technical standards, directives and regulations. The iTaxitop is approved for sale and usage on any vehicle within these 56 member countries – including (but not restricted to) Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. To find out if you are able to use the iTaxitop in your country, please contact

Product features
  • Two high brightness TFT screens (with LED back-lighting)
  • 3G or 4G connectivity
  • GPS module
  • Dynamic thermal management system
  • Dynamic power management system
  • Ani-vibration mounting system
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Secure, lightweight, weatherproof IP 65 enclosure (available in any colour)
  • Mounted directly to the roof of the vehicle (or via roof rails)
  • Access to scheduling software and reporting tools
  • Supports both static and dynamic adverts