The iTaxitop™ provides advertisers with one of the most unique and flexible advertising mediums available

  • The ability to play static and dynamic full colour adverts in high resolution
Commands attention
  • Bright and eye-catching makes it a more engaging form of media
  • Low cost per impression
  • Versatile, dynamic and adaptable
  • Display multiple messages by time of day or geo-targeted location
  • Target messages by location, street or postcode using GPS technology and scheduling software
  • Run ads when and where you want. Change them at no additional cost
Customised measurement
  • We report to you where and when each specific ad ran
Creative production: quick and simple
  • iTaxitop presents many creative benefits – simple web banner style ads mean quick turnaround times (no vinyl to print, no production costs)
  • Just provide us with your marketing objectives and we customise your ad schedule (target demographics, location, time of day)
  • Change your creative as often as you like during the campaign
  • Same day turnaround for new creative