Throughout the month of November, Eyetease had the fortune of meeting with some of the most influential names in US business – the movers, the shakers and the innovators.

First up, a meeting with the US State Department – more specifically the team who advise the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, on technology and innovation. During a short trip to London, the US state department’s representatives – Katy Dowd (@katiewdowd) and Angela Baker (@bakerac1) – were keen to get a flavour of the UK tech scene and an insight into the tech companies ‘making it happen’ on this side of the pond.

In a meeting chaired by TechHub Founder Elizabeth Varley (@evarley) and attended by Eyetease’s CEO (@eyetease), CCO (@importio) and Founder / CEO of Divide (@divide), our US guests were in good company at the Google Campus! Most (if not all) the attendees from the UK were also active in the US and this aided an interesting discussion regarding similarities and differences between the technology and innovation scene in the UK and USA.


Second up, a meeting with the Head of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Mr David Kappos.  In this role since August 2009, he advises President Obama, the Secretary of Commerce, and the Administration on intellectual property matters. In a small invite only gathering of 20 people (including high growth UK tech start-ups, lawyers and VCs), the forum was an opportunity for the UK troops to speak openly about Intellectual Property issues in the US. With many tech companies dealing in the US, it was a great opportunity for all to speak directly to the key decision maker (with friends in high places!). Eyetease’s very own CEO was able to introduce the company’s new and disruptive digital media format (the iTaxitop) and high speed vehicle wifi (Cabwifi) and get David’s thoughts on tackling the US market. Mr Kappos admitted: “when I first heard of the iTaxitop, I couldn’t help thinking about the time I went on Google mail and the ads along the side corresponded to what I was doing that day!” Luckily the iTaxitop cannot track your day to day activity (yet!) but the iTaxitop certainly can go a long way towards that with geo-targeting, day-parting and demographic targeting. With iTaxitop optional extras including eye-ball tracking and gender recognition, we’re already getting closer to that “google mail” scenario Mr Kappos!

All in all, an exciting month of meetings and an absolute honour to be at the forefront of the UK tech scene!