Eyetease Media, the market leader in digital broadcast technology for mass city transit, today announced that the iTaxitop 2.0 is to be unveiled to the public at this year’s Screen Media Expo, Earls Court, on the 16th and 17th May 2012. To celebrate the arrival of this new Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) format, Eyetease Media will be showcasing at Screen Media Expo the iTaxitop 2.0 on top of two of the world’s most iconic taxis – the London Cab and the New York Cab.

The iTaxitop 2.0 offers brands 30% more advertising real estate and 20% brighter screens than the iTaxitop 1.0, which was exhibited at Screen Media Expo 2011 (on a Mini Cooper). The new system builds upon extensive research conducted by Eyetease Media with brands and leading out-of- home media agencies.

Packed with a whole box of new tricks, the iTaxitop 2.0 boasts a new power management, thermal management and vibration management system to ensure the system can endure 5 years of 24/7 road usage.

Eyetease Media has dedicated over 2 years of R&D to develop the iTaxitop which is now the world’s first digital taxitop to pass all EU and UN-ECE technical and safety standards. Although the company is based in the UK, initial trials are set to commence in several major cities in the USA and Canada from May 2012 onwards.

Richard Corbett, CEO of Eyetease Media, said; “Taxis spend on average 95% of their time in city centres and present advertisers with the ideal platform to advertise from. Current taxi media formats are untargeted and inefficient. In general, OOH is losing precious advertising dollars to more targeted mobile and online media formats. The iTaxitop 2.0 presents brands with a real opportunity to bring back relevancy to the OOH media sector. The iTaxitop will turn each and every taxi into the world’s most advanced OOH media platform. Are you ready?”

Corbett will also be talking at this year’s Screen Media Expo Education Programme on the 17th May 2012 at 10am.

Notes to the Editor

Eyetease Media:

Founded in February 2010, Eyetease Media is a high growth tech start-up based in London. The company has developed Europe’s first digital taxitop and is the first to install this new advertising medium to the iconic London Taxi.

The iTaxitop is a double-sided digital advertising platform that sits on the roof of a taxi. The stretched high brightness LED backlit LCD screens play high definition adverts to the public. Adapting the traditional ‘New York’ style taxitop concept, the iTaxitop is a new mobile digital broadcast solution for mass inner-city transit.

Designed predominately for roll-out across taxis in major cities, the iTaxitop plays time specific and geographically accurate adverts which are scheduled remotely from a computer and then deployed using 3G connectivity. The iTaxitop uses GPS technology to support location specific advertising.

Richard Corbett, CEO of Eyetease Media, added: “Eyetease Media has championed a new advertising medium for the UK Out-Of-Home (OOH) market. The iTaxitop provides advertisers with a highly targeted, flexible and accountable medium to manage campaigns for their clients. Designed to function on all vehicle types, in all weather and ambient light conditions, the iTaxitop provides an eye-catching, reliable and effective advertising medium that will cut through the big city noise and deliver relevant digital advertising messages to the masses.

Eyetease Media reached the finals of the 2012 EMEA InAVation Awards for ‘Most inAVative Digital Signage Product’. Eyetease is also a proud ‘Partner’ with Ogilvy Digital Labs in London.

VIDEO: An Introduction to the iTaxitop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F34x4YHir2Y (2min30 animation)

IMAGES: High resolution images can be supplied upon request.

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