Eyetease has been selected by the Mayors International Business Program to represent London during a trade mission to New York and Chicago.

Only 23 select businesses were offered the opportunity to join the mission, organised by London’s official promotional company London & Partners, and Eyetease are undoubtedly very proud to be included in this ‘shortlist of excellence’.

Sadiq Khan said; “These high growth companies have the potential to become the next global tech giants and I am delighted that they will join me in showing the world that London is open to talent, business and collaborations.”

The week-long trade mission with Mr Khan aims to “highlight London’s strengths as a leading business destination for US companies looking to expand overseas” and “show London is open for business following the EU referendum vote”.

For Eyetease this mission seems to be a perfect fit, Carl McGregor, Commercial Director said;

“Here in London we can now see the world’s largest and most successful digital taxi top network which we are of course very proud of however throughout our successes here in London we have always been quietly watching, listening and preparing for infiltration into the US market.

Being selected to take part in this mission, alongside the Mayor and twenty-two other fantastic tech companies, is a great honour and gives us further confidence that the time is right, our time is now”

Latest data from HM Revenue & Customs shows that the US is Britain’s most valuable trading partner and research from CBI shows that the UK still remains the largest single investor within the US.

A robust partnership if there ever was one, however post Brexit, there is absolute value in showcasing some of the best talent emerging from London and to further demonstrate that #Londonisopen as always.

The mission will see Eyetease networking with senior tech executives, investors, local regulatory bodies and meeting with potential new clients, all of which goes towards building a solid foundation for replication of the UK successes ‘across the pond’.

Founder and CEO of Eyetease, Richard Corbett, said, “Since developing two world first technologies (as a startup) for the transit market, we’ve grown to become a leader in our field with a central London R&D facility developing new innovations to aid Smart Cities all over the world. We’re proud to work with some of the biggest players in the global marketplace to make our tech a common feature of big city landscapes. However like many other companies in the UK, Brexit has affected our business and we’re here to stand shoulder to shoulder with the new Mayor to show the world were open for business and ready to grow!”

As Mayor Sadiq Khan continues to spread the word that #Londonisopen, Eyetease will now be standing side by side and shouting to the masses #Eyeteaseiscoming!