In August 2012, Kinetic Worldwide published its 2012 / 2013 Digital Handbook, which this year includes the iTaxitop! The guide provides media agencies, creatives and clients with a comprehensive overview of all major digital-out-of-home (DOOH) formats, with all the information needed to create appropriate copy – from technical guidelines to loop lengths and interactivity potential. The iTaxitop is the first of a new breed of taxi media to be recognised by the global media agency and signals a strong sign that the UK market is ready for digital taxitop media.

Positioned alongside some of the best in the transport media market on page 93 (including JCDecaux, CBS and KBH), Eyetease has championed the introduction of a new media format to the UK DOOH market. We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the taxi media world and won’t stop until every taxi is broadcasting live news, public messages, transport updates, targeted and relevant advertising to the public.



Notes to Editor

Who is Eyetease? Eyetease Limited is an award winning high growth tech start-up based in London, who has developed a revolutionary new digital-out-home broadcast solution for taxis – named the iTaxitop. An evolution to the US ‘taxitop’ concept, the iTaxitop gives advertisers the ability to target messages in real-time, by location or by time of day to city dwellers – all from the roof of the iconic London taxi on high brightness digital screens!

What does the iTaxitop actually do? So advanced is the technology that a taxi driving through a predominantly Hispanic area translates ads into Spanish, for example, coffee ads play in the morning, and theatre promos run at night. Imagine business news and stock updates played in the financial district, car rental brands and hotels advertised outside airports, consumer brands on the high street, home improvement adverts in residential areas. Imagine the latest news stories played as the story becomes live, transport updates reporting road closures or train delays, public news and information – all from the roof of a taxi.

How does it work? Simply schedule adverts online using their management software, deploy via 3G and see each taxi update its content within seconds. Each taxi operates independent from the next, enabling every road and every street to become an exciting new point of interaction with consumers.