2015 was a pivotal year for digital outdoor media. Sarah Villegas, Exterion’s Head of Business Development, explained, “the potential for Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising is huge and there is unanimous agreement across the industry that it’s adoption is at a tipping point.” By 2020, DOOH sites across the UK will grow at least 40%. In fact, the industry is developing so quickly that it’s hard to predict just how fast it will grow: over the past seven years, DOOH revenues rose by 312%. Digital is a relative newcomer to the outdoor media market, which sees £1bn in sales annually – but Ben Milne, Head of Innovation at Posterscope, predicts that in 2015 “£1 out of every £3 will be spent on digital.”

The outdoor digital media sector is attractive to brands looking to optimise their message with targeted, relevant, experiential advertising. Digital tools allow us to move towards the holy grail of advertising: sending the right message, to the right audience, at the right place and time. The best outdoor campaigns of 2015 all used digital to target audiences in unique and engaging ways. The Odeon, for example, partnered with Talon, MG OMD and Grand Visual on a hyperlocal campaign that communicated live information about ticket availability to local pedestrians – the geotargeted campaign even won Ocean Outdoor’s Digital Creative Competition.

As pioneers in mobile media technology, Eyetease technology truly came into its own in 2015. The idea of iTaxitop came five years’ prior: 24-year-old Richard Corbett was appalled to see a New York taxi using its iconic rooftop advertising to promote a strip club, as it drove straight past families and children walking in a suburban area. Insisting that this day and age demands a targeted solution that print advertising cannot offer, Corbett returned to London and developed a prototype digital rooftop advertising system for taxis. Corbett worked closely with Transport for London for four years, and successfully changed regulations to allow digital rooftop advertising on London’s black cabs in 2014. And in October 2015, Eyetease officially became the sole technology provider for the world’s largest network of LCD taxitops, in partnership with Verifone Media.


Eyetease digital taxitop in London
Verifone Media’s celebrations formed part of the #VM400 campaign: Eyetease andEyetease Verifone digital taxitop campaign London Verifone had reached 400 screens on London’s roads, and were celebrating the 1-year anniversary of launching the digital taxitop technology in London. Together, Eyetease and Verifone had revolutionised the London cityscape and the network has delivered over 600,000 hours of targeted media content to Londoners!

The team also celebrated with branded goodie bags, delivered to partners including Outsmart OOH, Talon, OMD, Kinetic, Rapport, MEC, MediaCom, PHD, Starcom Mediavest Group, and M2M. And of course – Eyetease!

Hardware tech startup Eyetease celebrate iTaxitop

A large fleet of taxis with High-Definition screens offers unique benefits to brands. By their very nature, taxis are constantly near to high volumes of people and the power of digital means that adverts can be sent immediately over the air via wireless connectivity. But it’s the iTaxitop’s unique targeting capabilities that make it the most advanced digital media format in the world: advertising on the iTaxitop can adapt automatically by location, by time of day and even by weather.

That means that the advertising on the iTaxitop can be targeted to exactly the right audience. Theater-goers in Leicester Square can see a different advert than party-goers in Shoreditch. In fact, the iTaxitop can even target locations where standard outdoor advertising is banned, including the City of London and the City of Westminster. A brand looking to target the City of London’s finance sector, or the City of Westminster’s politicans, simply would not be able to use outdoor advertising – until now.

Digital taxitops have revolutionised the taxi advertising industry, disrupting a traditional market with an innovative solution. The future looks brighter still, with the digital taxitop network growing with exciting new features added all the time. Eyetease show no sign of slowing down, with both new technologies and new markets on the horizon.

Tanqueray gin advertising on digital taxi media