In celebration of Oppo Ice Creams DOOH campaign on the London iTaxitop network, we’re giving you lucky people the chance to win a case of luxury Oppo ice cream!

With fewer calories than an apple, no refined sugar and virgin coconut oil, Oppo Ice Cream is the epitome of luxury. Winners will be able to choose from a range of unique flavours including ‘salted caramel with lucuma’, ‘Madagascan vanilla and baobab’, or our personal favourite the ‘mint choc swirl with spirulina’!

To enter the competition, all you have to do is share on Twitter or Facebook a photo of the OPPO ICE CREAM advert playing on the iTaxitop screens and tag your post ‘#healthyindulgence’ – simple!

The Oppo campaign uses the iTaxitop’s ‘meteo-targeting’ capabilities – displaying ads for luxury ice cream when the temperature is high in the City. Just in time to cool you down on those warm British summers’ days!

The iTaxitop will also display Oppo ads within close proximity to Waitrose and Whole Foods – two of the major chains carrying this wonderful bowl of frozen indulgent goodness.

It helps that Oppo Ice Cream is a brilliant company: they’ve won ‘Best New Business’ at the World Food Innovation Awards, they are The Guardian Startup of the Year, and Prime Minister David Cameron personally chose them to join him for a meeting with the Italian Prime Minister. And their ice cream is delicious!

So don’t forget…Tweet or Facebook a photo of the Oppo Ice Cream ad on the iTaxitop with the hashtag #healthyindulgence for a chance of winning a free case of Oppo Ice Cream!