In December, Eyetease was contacted by Dorset company Hall & Woodhouse with a special request. The brewers of Badger Ales were celebrating having the Blandford Fly, one of their range of aromatic beers, being chosen as the ideal pairing to an Indian dish at the Guild of Beer Writers annual awards dinner. At the ceremony, Badger’s Blandford Fly was chosen to accompany a spicy Lamb Biryani from one of London’s top Indian restaurants as part of a 5-course Indian tasting menu. Speaking about the event, Badger’s Brand Manager admits that ‘so often people think of matching wine with food, but with the range of beer styles available today, it also lends itself well to food!”

Following the event, Badger’s Brand Manager was keen to spread the word about this “delectable pairing” and asked Eyetease to deliver Blandford Fly and curry goodie bags to eight V.I.B.Ps, “Very Important Beer People”.  Regarding Eyetease’s new courier service, she added “Eyetease Couriers were both professional and considerate. They ensured that our V.I.B.Ps received their goodie bags in a timely manner, but also created a wider brand experience with their digital taxi top ads and taking time to get to know the brand and talk knowledgable about it.”

If you’re a brand looking to make your ‘special deliveries special’, contact our friends at Eyetease Couriers for more information.