CabWifi is a new free high speed wifi service for passengers travelling in London taxis. Eyetease is the first to roll-out this new service in the iconic London black cab. The system uniquely turns 3G and 4G mobile connectivity into a wifi hotspot for passengers.

The CabWifi system uses a unique “ads for access” model – popularly used online on sites such as Spotify and Youtube.  The CabWifi system plays passengers a short 15 second advert before enabling 15 minutes of free wifi whilst the vehicle is in motion.

The unique vehicle based technology intelligently overcomes issues such as connectivity on the move and connectivity in between buildings (known as ‘man-made chasms’).

Please note, the CabWifi solution is completely separate to the iTaxitop – however can be integrated if required! CabWifi installation takes under 5 minutes to complete and is concealed within the vehicle’s fuse box.

If you’re a London taxi driver and would like to register your interest in CabWifi, please email – You can also follow us on twitter @CabWifi!