EyeFi is a powerful plug and play system which enables super fast WiFi in locations where connectivity is hard to get! Marrying 4G connectivity with our proprietary hardware and software, we can deliver speeds of up to 100MBps whilst on the move!

From transit applications like buses, taxis and boats, all the way to fixed locations like offices, bus stops and caravans – as long as theres a power supply, you can enjoy super fast WiFi.

With EyeFi, you have the option to have an open, protected or  “ads-for-access” user experience to help monetise the network. As a new revenue stream for your business, WiFi no longer has to be a cost to your business or your customer! The ads-for-access feature is popular with transit applications where customers have a long dwell time. We give you the tools to create a new narrowcast advertising channel on your vehicles. With over 5 years of usage across taxis and buses, we help YOU deliver tangible results through a robust tried and tested system with full reporting and accountability.

Check out some of the amazing brands who have advertised on our client’s EyeFi network:


We offer a range of contracts to clients with an all-in-one monthly fee (including hardware, software and data). With no upfront costs, our clients can scale and generate returns on investment quickly!

For more information, please email sales@eyetease.com or fill out the form on the Contact Us page!