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Monthly archives: February 2011

richard corbett and scott anthony
22 February 2011

iTaxitop gets the thumbs up from Digiadvans

Eyetease Media caught up with Digiadvan’s MD Scott Anthony to get his opinion on the iTaxitop. Read more →

Ogilvy Innovation Labs
11 February 2011

Eyetease Media partners with Ogilvy & Mather

Eyetease Media will display the iTaxitop at Ogilvy’s Innovation Labs in Canary Wharf and Paddington. Read more →

Daily DOOH Article
1 February 2011

Teasemobile caught in the DOOH

Adrian Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily DOOH, published two articles about Eyetease Media and the Teasemobile that caught the attention of a wide range of professionals within the digital out-of-home media space. Read more →